Spiritual Support

Baptist Cancer Center Chaplains

Spiritual and emotional needs of patients, their families and hospital staff are addressed by the department of Pastoral Care at Baptist. The department's chaplains serve the Baptist Memorial hospitals in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, and interact with 230 volunteer chaplains in the Baptist system.

Our oncology chaplains support and guide our patients in their search for meaning in their cancer diagnosis and for reconciliation in relationships with their families and friends. The consultation and counsel that our chaplains offer including spiritual and emotion support as well as help with ethical dilemmas our patients may encounter. These services are provided without judgment, without preaching, while referencing sacraments, scripture, rituals and other personal experiences. Baptist Cancer Center believes in treating the whole patient from a multidisciplinary team where we address a patient's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Our Baptist Chaplains facilitate numerous support groups for patients, families and staff. They conduct Sunday morning worship services at Baptist Memphis. These worship services are seen over closed-circuit television. Literature such as daily devotions, prayer books, grief books and children's books are provided by the department.

General Spiritual Support

Baptist Cancer Care physicians and staff are sensitive to our patients' spiritual beliefs. We also understand that each person approaches a cancer diagnosis differently. Many patients will use spiritual support to help them cope with a diagnosis, guide them through end of life care decisions, and for guidance on how to talk about their cancer diagnosis. It is not uncommon for a cancer diagnosis to cause spiritual distress to not only the patients but their loved ones as well. That's why our physicians, specialists, and nurses are all sensitive to the subject and are understanding of a patient's spiritual concerns throughout the cancer treatment process. There are studies that indicate a physician's support of a patient's spiritual well-being can help improve their quality of life according to Cancer.gov.

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